Focussing on the future


  • Tshifhiwa Rabali PSSA


Being around for more than 75 years is a huge achievement for the Pharmaceutical Society of South Africa. The Society is 78 years old this year and so much has been achieved, however there is still much to be done.

The Society will have to refocus its energies and engage with stakeholders who did not have a working relationship previously with the Society. Our participation with other forums on the African continent will have to be revived. The PSSA is already a member of the African Pharmaceutical Forum and regular meetings with them will be sought so that we can understand their challenges and they can also understand ours. The PSSA is also a member of the Commonwealth Pharmacists Association and our engagement with them will have to be revived.

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Tshifhiwa Rabali, PSSA

PSSA President






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